Best Carry on Luggage choices for Men in 2017

best carry on luggage for menWelcome to our brand new page that features what we feel are 2017’s top choices when it comes to the best carry on luggage for men.

While some men are looking for as much storage capacity as possible, others are looking for certain style aspects or weight restrictions. There are so many different pieces of luggage out there that we felt it was easiest to provide you with a table for what we feel are your best options right now. The table below looks at characteristics such as price, rating found from, size (height, weight, depth), and other components such as wheels and material. We hope that this page helps you and welcome any suggestions you may have for carry-on’s that have worked better for you than the ones in our list.

Buyer’s guide

Contrary to popular belief, a man’s choice of luggage isn’t only a practical decision but a stylistic one as well. The main reason, for luggage, is still the convenience it offers in hauling necessities all over the world, but there’s no reason why it shouldn’t look great when coupled with everything you need.

Men in particular seem to like simple designs that offer an abundance of storage yet still be simple to carry around from plane to plane.

Comparing the Best Carry-on’s for Men

Without further ado, here is our list of the top choices for men this year:

Travelpro Maxlite 3
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Samsonite Liftwo
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TravelPro Crew10
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Samsonite Winfield 2
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Samsonite Aspire Gr8
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Review (/5)
MaterialPolyester100% Nylon100% NylonPolycarbonatePolyester
Dimensions (inches)21 X 9 X 1421 X 8 X 1521 X 9 X 1420.5 X 9.5 X 13.521.5 X 7.5 X 14
Weight (pounds)
WheelsSpinnerSpinnerMagnetic Dual Wheel SpinnersStandardSpinner
HandleTelescoping AluminumBeveled AlloyPower ScopeTelescoping topTop and Side
Feature #1Protective skid guardsUnbreakable zipper pullers#1 Choice of flight crewsFully lined interiorWetpack and mesh pockets
Feature #2Handle locks in 2 positionsLightweightBuilt in wet pocket3-dial TSA lockInterlocking zipper heads
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Reviews/Overviews of the Top choices

TravelPro Crew 10: The Travel Pro Crew 10 is as sturdy and effective as any carry-on luggage available for the 2017 travel year. Designed specifically for flight crews and frequent travelers, you know that this luggage will last you many years to come.

The Crew 10 itself has many advanced level features. The first that you’ll notice is the Powerscope aluminum extension handle. What is great about this handle in comparison to others is that it reduces wobble on movement making it feel sturdy and secure at all times allowing you to move quicker (especially if you are late for your flight). Unlike most handles that only go full up and down, this handle can be configured to stop at both 38” and 42.5” in height. This allows for a bit of customization depending if you are a shorter/taller traveler.

The wheel system on the Crew 10 has also been improved immensely and includes the use of Travel Pro’s MagnaTrac system. This system feature allows for the wheels to self-align magnetically ensure a smooth and straight travel at all times.

Lastly and one of the biggest reasons why we feel the Crew 10 belongs in the list of the best carry on luggage for men are the customizable interior straps. This allows for you to configure your packing in a way that suits you and your travel best. Check out our full overview.

TravelPro Maxlite 3: As of the date of writing this article, the Travel Pro Max lite 3 has received numerous rave reviews from Over 100 people have rated this carry-on with an average rating of 4.6, which is incredibly high. Most users have had great things to say about the durability, its ability to move in multiple directions, and its weight.

If you travel frequently, the durability offered by the Max Lite 3 is probably second to none. Using a Honeycomb frame along with EVA foam, the Max Lite 3 was designed to withstand damage and remain light in weight from the get go. In addition, this carry-on also features skid guards, corner guards, and crash guards surrounding the wheels making the most crucial components of the luggage protected. For avid travelers, having a durable carry-on is one of the best things to have with you.

As for the movement, the Max Lite 3 features a bottom tray that keeps the wheels aligned at all times. Each wheel also features a full 360 degree maneuverability providing a smooth ride. Lastly, the handle included on the Max Lite 3 is one of the more advanced available as it allows for a custom height of 38 or 42.5 inches. Although it sounds simple, if you are a taller person, this extra height makes moving your luggage that much easier. Read our full review.

Samsonite Winfield 2: If you are looking for a carry-on that still features a great interior but is a little more stylish than the regular black/red/green colors you are accustomed to seeing then the Samsonite Winfield 2 might be a perfect fit.

The first thing most notice with the Winfield 2 is the nice shiny and sleek exterior. Built with 100% Polycarbonate and nice molded details, this carry on not only looks great but is also able to absorb more impact. In fact it can flex quite a bit without breaking and will still retain its same shape when popped back. The exterior also hides scratches that could come about from regular wear and tear making it look almost brand new after many uses.

The Winfield 2 also features a combination lock that will keep your contents secure but can still be accessed by TSA agents when required. Lastly, what many people enjoy is the amount of space and organization on the inside. With numerous pockets and an interior divider, you can move your contents where they fit the best. With over 100 people giving this carry-on an average rating of 4.4 out of 5 on Amazon, it is certainly worth an extra look. See what we thought.

Samsonite Aspire Gr8: Having the perfect travel companion is perhaps the most important part of the planning process. The market is flooded with numerous bulky suitcases that serve nowhere near the purpose they are meant to. This is where Samsonite’s Aspire Gr8 Upright Suitcase comes in, a luggage that does not waste space with a bunch of extra pockets.

Made using only 100% high-grade polyester, this suitcase weighs just eight pounds. The proportion of this suitcase is just the right size for most airline luggage limits. This Samsonite bag comes with large rubber wheels for smooth mobility and a retractable handle you can use to move this suitcase around the airport. This bag is designed to withstand significant amount of wear and abrasions and still maintain its shape, which is perfect for frequent travels that want a bag that can take a beating.

When it comes to spaciousness, the Samsonite’s Aspire Gr8 Upright Suitcase has an abundance of it. The exterior of the bag provides two compartments of the front facing side of the bag. The first is flat. It’s perfect for you to use to store gadgets like a tablet PC. The second compartment is larger and can store a lot of clothing articles, provided you fold them properly.

The interior, on the other hand, is where the niche of this bag lies. On the backside of this front facing panel you will find two compartments, one is a small PVC pouch you can use to store your lotions and miscellaneous toiletries, and the other compartment is a medium sized zippered mesh pocket. The main compartment is spacious enough for you to use to store more than a week’s worth of clothes. This is indeed a Gr8 durable bag that you can use for a lifetime.

Samsonite Liftwo: Going on a trip always serves as an exciting experience, provided that you plan for it in the right way. A perfectly executed travel plan will help to save a great deal of your time while keeping your stress levels in check. Now planning a trip does not just mean deciding on a destination and choosing the right place to stay. In fact, it also involves thinking about the luggage constraints along with the type of luggage that you carry with you. If you want a luggage that doesn’t create a nuisance for you, then Samsonite Liftwo is one of the clearer choices when it comes to the best carry on luggage for men.

Its multi-directional wheels provide you with excellent mobility which means that you can carry it around easily. Furthermore, it reduces the stress on your arm by rolling upright. It features a linen lining along with a zipper closure. The zipper pullers included are unbreakable and they interlock onto each other. As an addition, this product features a lightweight pull handle that can be pulled out easily and its light weight doesn’t strain your arm allowing you to move around carefree.

Apart from these features, the look of this case has been enhanced using components matching its color so that it doesn’t cramp your style. The logo is stylish with a satin finish and is filled with color that complements the case. Also, you don’t have to worry about the bag being punctured or being damaged in any way as it is made from strong, sturdy, and light material, Air Expanded Poly Ethylene (AEPE) that doesn’t sustain damage easily. The fact that this material helps to keep the weight of the case less than 7.5 pounds, means that you can pack more stuff without exceeding luggage restrictions. The Samsonite Liftwo case is created to tend to all your traveling needs. Click this link to see more.

How to find the right “men’s” luggage

Different trips require different types of bags. For instance, the luggage for a family vacation will be geared more towards handling more volume and should ideally have rolling wheels so as to better move the weight around. Luggage for a business trip, on the other hand, is about being compact, easy to sling over your shoulder, and also broad enough to support a suit coat.

Bigger is not always better when it comes to luggage, especially when you’re the one who has to carry it.

Know the Luggage Options You Have

Conferences, business trips, class reunions, vacations – whatever the occasion, when leaving home part of your closet leaves with you in a luggage that is suitable. Let’s talk about what to look for in a men’s carry-on luggage and dopp kit.

Pro’s to Carry-on’s

Perhaps the most common luggage air travelers carry is a carry-on. Specifically designed considering the restrictions airlines place on luggage, a carry-on is basically a mini-suitcase that provides you with every inch of space allotted to you.

An ideal carry-on luggage will sport wheels, as carrying it by the handle or shoulder strap can quickly become tiring, especially if you have connecting flights with long intervals. Most of the time, inclusion of wheels automatically means the inclusion of telescopic handles. These handles pull out and retract so the user can pull the luggage around on its wheels.

It should have enough room to accommodate your laptop, and enough pockets for you to able to organize different articles of clothing and other small items conveniently.

Pro’s to Dopp Kits

A Dopp kit is basically a bag styled specifically for men to carry their toiletries and shaving kit. It is mandatory for every seasoned traveler, and those who painfully understand the peril of a leaked shaving cream bottle don’t travel without one!

About the size and shape of a loaf of bread, an ideal Dopp kit has zippers that open the kit all the way to reveal a single compartment with many small pouches to hold travel sized toiletries. Materials that provide the best protection are nylon and leather. Make sure that the Dopp kit you buy is waterproof. If you’re looking to buy one and it’s not waterproof, then you’re better off not buying it.

When selecting a type of luggage, focus on all the practical aspects that a particular luggage will provide. Once you find one that fulfills all your needs, only then you can focus on the aesthetics it offers.

We hope that you have enjoyed your stay on our page that overviews the more desired carry-on choices designed for men (recently updated for 2017). If you have any question or concerns about our list, please reach out.

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