3 Things To Consider When Purchasing Luggage

Anytime you travel by plane there is a good chance you will have carry on luggage with you. If you don’t have any carry on luggage you will probably go purchase some just for your trip. Now before you go buy the prettiest luggage set let me first share 3 things you should consider when purchasing carry on luggage.

Wheels or No Wheels
Do you want luggage with wheels or without? These days the most common type of carry on luggage is the type with wheels. Wheels make moving your luggage around a lot easier. Instead of carrying it you can just pull it. And thanks to the way the luggage is now laid out you will have plenty of room for all of your travel items. There is much more space which allows you to have more days of travel with just one piece of luggage.

The second thing you want to consider is cost. How much will the carry on luggage you are interested in cost? If you know anything about luggage you know it can be very expensive. You shouldn’t use price as an indicator of quality. Instead you should take the time to shop around. You need to compare apples to apples before you decide which one to go with. Generally speaking the higher the price the more features the luggage will have.

The question is do you need all of those features? Chances are you don’t. Unless you just want to spend a ton of money on a piece of luggage, I would suggest sticking with the mid priced luggage like the Travel Pro Crew 10. Look online and you are sure to find some really great deals.

The last thing you want to consider is quality. What material is the luggage made of? You will find the most popular luggage is made using soft shell construction. You can still get the hard shell but they aren’t as popular as they once were. These days you will see most carry on luggage made using a dense nylon. It is pretty strong. It is the same material the military used for body armor several years ago.

And while it was not great to use as body armor, it has proven to be great for luggage. The dense nylon is very durable yet lightweight all at the same time. This is what makes it so great for luggage.

As soon as you get your luggage be sure to check it out. Especially if you ordered it offline. Check the wheels to make sure they roll with ease. Test them out on both carpet and hard surfaces. Keep in mind the luggage is made by humans and sometimes something will be wrong. That’s why its so important you order well in advance of your trip. This way if something is wrong you can return it and get it fixed before you leave.

Make sure the luggage you purchase also has some sort of manufacturers warranty. This way you know you are protected if there is damage to the product.