4 Extras you can do to make your Luggage more usable

Lets face it, travel challenges just plain suck. When you travel as much as some people do you need everything to work seamlessly. That’s why having the right carry on luggage is so important. When most people see a carry on luggage all they see is box that rolls. And while that is essentially what it is, here are 4 things you can do to make it much more than that. These four very simple things will turn your carry on luggage into four wheeled work station.

Opt For Carry On Luggage With Bigger Wheels
If you look at most carry on luggage you will notice they have very small wheels that are low to the ground. I am not sure who’s idea this was but it makes it very difficult to get the luggage over curbs, sidewalks and through snow. Its a real hassle to say the least. That’s why you should opt for bigger wheels. Big wheels can maneuver through just about anything.

Make Sure There Is A Built In Phone Charger
If you are anything like me you don’t go anywhere without your mobile device. Its almost another body part. When traveling having your phone charge at an arms reach is very important. Having to dig through your luggage to find it can be very annoying. When you have a built in phone charger you will know exactly where it is at all times. The Samsonite Lift carry-on is perfect for this requirement.

Use An RFID Tag
While you do carry this type of luggage on the plan with you, sometimes it can get lost. When planes are full you will often have to use an overhead bin that is nowhere close to where you are sitting. As a result your luggage can sometimes be picked up by the wrong person. With an RFID tag you can easily track and locate your luggage. You should also consider putting some sort of identifying tag on your bag so you will be able to easily recognize it.

Get A Built In Cup Holder
Yes, some carry on luggage now comes with a built in cup holder. This is very convenient for those who travel quite a bit. While you are waiting for your flight or after you have arrived at your destination you can pick up that double latte you have been thinking about all day. And don’t worry, instead of having to hold it has you weave in and out of other travelers you can just sit it in your built in cup holder. Choose the pop up cup holder as it is a lot easier to use.

And there you have it, 4 things you can do to make your carry on luggage more usable. These are major changes they will have a huge impact on your travels. And while challenges will still arise, when you have these four things in place you will be able to better handle them. Not only will it improve the user experience but it will also make your overall travels a lot more pleasant.