About the Site

Welcome to CarryOnList.com, your brand new home for finding the top pieces of carry on luggage available. My name is Steve and as an avid traveler, one of the more annoying aspects of trips I have taken is having the right set of luggage. With so many different rules and regulations it’s hard to know what you can and can’t use.

This is especially important for the carry-on bags that you are allowed to take with you. I myself tend to like to pack as much as possible so that I have all of my important gear with me close by so that I am not left without anything when I arrive at my destination. That is why this website was created. I wanted to look at the best carry on’s that were out there right now and provide a brief review on each. Although there are pieces of luggage that I like in particular, many other people would disagree with me as it would not work for them. Hopefully, we can solve everyone’s dilemmas on this site!

One thing I have found in looking at other websites is that they only provide a generic list of carry-on’s. I wanted to expand on this a bit further as I know that my wife has much different needs than I do. For instance, she would prefer a stylish colorful purse like bag to keep with her. I on the other hand prefer backpack or messenger bag styles. Then there are those who just prefer the traditional rolling black luggage you see all over the place. No matter what your needs are, I hope that the information i’ve included provides some benefits for you.