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Best Carry on’s for business (suits)

Have an important business trip to attend? Want to look your best for the big presentation? For many workers, travel is a complete certainty and often times these workers have to prepared to perform key business activities such as new product demonstrations, or presenting balance sheets right

Travel Pro Maxlite 3

Welcome to our Travel Pro Maxlite 3 carry-on review. Travel Pro have been making efficient luggage for all different types of travelers for many years now. The Maxlite3 is an expandable rollaboard carry-on that is the perfect for people who love to travel light. People have various

Best Carry on Luggage for Women

Let’s face it as women we are normally stuck with the daunting task of trying to pack everything we need and more when taking a trip. Not only does this come up when packing our main bags, but also for our carry-on’s. Do I need to bring

Best Carry on Luggage for Men in 2018

Welcome to our brand new page that features what we feel are 2018’s top choices when it comes to the best carry on luggage for men. While some men are looking for as much storage capacity as possible, others are looking for certain style aspects or weight

Travelon Wheeled Underseat Back pack

Three decades ago, Travelon started out as a local manufacturer and is now the industry leader of travel products and accessories. Currently, Travelon’s range of travel bags and accessories include more than 400 products. Product Description Express your style statement with Travelon’s latest carry-on. This newest addition

Packing tips for Women

As women we tend to always over pack. For a simple two day trip we feel the need to pack five different outfits. Hey! That’s just what we do. Because for us its all about options. Right ladies? And while I am all for having options, I

3 Important Tips Straight From The FAA

If you are planning a trip you have no doubt thought about how you will pack all of the things you need without having to take a ton of luggage. Depending on the length of your trip you may be considering using a carry-on. If you are,

4 Extras you can do to make your Luggage more usable

Lets face it, travel challenges just plain suck. When you travel as much as some people do you need everything to work seamlessly. That’s why having the right carry on luggage is so important. When most people see a carry on luggage all they see is box

5 Things You Can Do To Fit More in your Carry On

When you are traveling, especially if you are woman, one of the things you want is options. Unfortunately your options are limited when you are taking nothing but one piece of carry on luggage. But don’t worry, I am here to help. Below are 5 things you

How To Pack Efficiently In 6 Simple Steps

If you travel a lot you know its very important to have certain items in your carry on luggage. I am not talking about a good book and your favorite lipstick, I am talking about packing the right things in case your other luggage ends up lost.