Best Carry on luggage for business

Have an important business trip to attend? Want to look your best for the big presentation?

For many workers, travel is a complete certainty and often times these workers have to prepared to perform key business activities such as new product demonstrations, or presenting balance sheets right off the plane. The standard piece luggage doesn’t really take a business persons needs to keep clothes (especially suits and dress pants) wrinkle free. On this page we take a look at the best carry on luggage for suits readily available for all of the business trips you might take in 2018.

Below we provide a table which outlines our top-3 choices, and why we feel they are worth your consideration. We break down each by price, ratings (from Amazon), along with key features and size information.

Travelers Choice
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Travel Select Amsterdam
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Briggs & Riley Baseline
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Review (/5)
Material50% Polycarbonate/ 50% NylonFabricNylon
Height (inches)241222
Length (inches)152414
Width (inches)10229
Weight (pounds)99.28.9
WheelsRubberInline SkateLow profile
HandleMultiple Stage Self-lockingTop CarrySide and bottom
Feature #1Front suiter compartmentFold out designLots of storage
Feature #2Garment hook and sleeveWrinkle reductionFlat interior to keep clothes wrinkle free
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1- Travelers Choice

Travelers Choice: If you prefer class over flashy fashion trends in your luggage and crave a design that offers function and utility more than any other bag, then look no further. The Traveler’s Choice 22-Inch Hybrid Rolling Carry-on is one bag that encompasses all these qualities you’re looking for.

The word hybrid is perfect to define the functionality this bag provides. It is one of the few EXPANDABLE two-compartment hybrid luggage. The luggage has proportions that are just right for airline luggage guidelines, meaning you won’t have to wait in the baggage claim area and still carry enough more than one week of travel essentials along with you.

In terms of storage space, the sheer number of compartments and pockets it provides makes this bag one of kind. The exterior of this bag offers one medium sized pocket and one a large pocket you can use to organize stuff. The interior, on the other hand, is where the niche of this bag lies, with not one, but two separate compartments you have an abundance of space.

Along with that, you have a zipper in between these two main compartments that once opened will allow your bag to expand. This expansion creates room in both these compartments. This bag also has two detachable pouches as well as a garment hook and sleeve.

Apart from that, the material this bag is made of is 50% polycarbonate and 50% nylon, the perfect combo for a durable bag. The polycarbonate allows the shell of this bag to absorb significant impact that your luggage may experience during your travel, which means if you decide to store your laptop, tablet, or other electronics, you can rest assured that they won’t be damaged. All in all, the Traveler’s Choice 22-Inch Hybrid Rolling Carry-on is the perfect fit for extended periods of traveling. Check out the full breakdown here.

2- Travel Select Amsterdam

best carry on luggage for suitsTravel Select Amsterdam: For people whose career revolves around business trips to different countries all year round, the Travel Select Luggage Business Rolling Garment Bag is the first choice. Travel the way businessmen are meant to travel, with the level of functionality you need in your luggage.

The proportions of this Travel Select rolling garment bag are 22″ high and 24″ wide, the perfect size allotted on all airlines. Made with 40% 2-tone polyester and 60% polyester, this bag is a significantly durable one. The hardware attached to this bag are made with industrial grade material that allows it to withstand substantial wear and tear, which is a huge plus for frequent flyers.

There are two ways one can move this luggage about, one can either use the strap provided to fling it over the shoulder, or you can use the retractable handle to pull the bag around the airport. On the exterior of this bag, there are two pockets provided on the front facing side, use this to store your tablet PC, chargers, or any other gadgets.

The interior, on the other hand, is the essence of this garment bag. It has a spacious main compartment that opens all the way so you can neatly store your suit, hook it, and put a strap around it to hold it in place as well as reduce the wrinkles. Other than that, there is enough room to store three days worth of clothing, and with the addition of zippered mesh pockets on the inside you have abundant room to store you tie, cufflinks, and perfume. View our full breakdown here.

3- Briggs & Riley Baseline

Briggs & Riley Baseline: In 2018, choosing the best carry on for your suits and other business attire is really simple, whether you are cmore of a recreational traveler that frequents social events or when your travels revolve around business meetings or varying occasions and family events. In either of these cases, Briggs & Riley Domestic Upright Carry-On Garment Bag is what you should be looking for.

This luggage from Brigs & Riley is made of ballistic nylon outer fabric that resists dirt, moisture, wear, and abrasions. The luggage is fitted with a lightweight honeycomb frame, high quality telescoping handles, and rubber wheels that provide enough flexibility and durability to breeze through the airport with unparalleled mobility.

The exterior of this bag is simple and stylish, this bag has 3 external pockets. Two of them are small compartments; the third is large enough to hold your tablet and other gadgets. The interior on the other hand, is what sets this bag apart. There are two main compartments, one is the main storage area and the other is a garment compartment you can use to store dry-cleaned clothes to keep them wrinkle free.

In the garment bag, you will find straps to hold your formal wear in place, along with two additional compartments you can use to store your ties, cufflinks, or belts. The main compartment offers zippered mesh pockets to hold miscellaneous items, as well as open elastic pockets where you can store items you would like to access easily and quickly. All in all, this bag is well rounded. It offers everything you may need, both as a carry-on and as a garment bag. Click here to see what we thought of the main features.

Guide to the finding the right luggage for suits

As there are numerous industries with a plethora of profitable niches for businessmen to explore; the one thing entrepreneurs across the globe have in common, is the foresight, premeditation, and impeccable planning for time sensitive meetings, events, and occasions in different countries. For this purpose alone, they need a reliable travel companion or a ‘go’ bag, so to speak. A luggage that keeps suits wrinkle free and kitting ready for use, while allowing them carry their files, their laptop, and other travel essentials in an organized and easily accessible manner.

Buyers guide

In recent times, our journey towards globalization is well underway and the most effective method for this so far, is via business expansions across state lines and borders. Travel has become second nature to seasoned businessmen who find profitable opportunities in the most unlikely places. Making the most of these opportunities, on the other hand, require timely yet presentable presence of these businessmen as new ventures emerge in the market.

The purpose of this section is to provide a set of characteristics of Suit Luggage that have proved their worth time and again through comfortable and functional use.

Characteristics of Suit Luggage Required by Frequently Flying Businessmen

The characteristics under discussion are essentially the features that a Suit Luggage must have for smoother travels.

Abundance of Pockets

First things first, every businessman maintains a certain outlook with a selection of accessories that include, ties, watches, cufflinks, and much more. For this, the ideal suit luggage must contain enough pouches or pockets to store these articles in an organized manner.

There should be a couple of external areas to store belongings followed by zippered mesh pockets on the inside, with at least one removable pouch for miscellaneous items, and one Dopp kit for storing perfume, shaving kit, and toiletries.

A Shoe Pocket/Pouch

This is self explanatory; every suit luggage needs a shoe pouch for storing a pair that goes with the suit you’ve packed.

Hanger Bracket

A hanger bracket is also needed to neatly hook your dry cleaned suit in place. This will prevent the suit from moving around within the bag during transit and getting wrinkled.

A Padded Strap to Secure the Suit

A padded strap and a hanger bracket go hand in hand, and are a must have in your suit luggage. Once you’ve hooked your suit into the bracket, use this strap to hold your suit in its place, so there is no chance of your suit moving even a single inch within the bag.

Fold Out Design

This particular feature is something that is optional, and if you prefer easier accessibility, this should be your choice. A fold out design of the suit luggage opens up the bag all the way and lays out the entire contents of the bag for you to pack or unpack easily.

These are all the characteristics that you should consider when looking for the right carry on luggage for business needs (especially for keeping your clothes and suits wrinkle free). If you are out in the market for one, ensure that all these features are there before purchasing. We hope that our comparison table updated for 2018 has provided you with all of the information needed.