Best Carry on Luggage for Women

best carry on luggage for womenLet’s face it as women we are normally stuck with the daunting task of trying to pack everything we need and more when taking a trip. Not only does this come up when packing our main bags, but also for our carry-on’s. Do I need to bring extra socks? What about something to read? Do I need my iPhone charger?

If you are looking for the best carry on luggage for women for 2018 then we have got you covered. Recently updated for this year, the comparison table below breaks down what we believe are the Top-5 choices you can make in terms of carry-on’s. Some of the bags below may be better suited for business (or quicker) trips while others are better for long family or personal vacations. We’ve outline the average review ratings found on Amazon, the size and weight specifications, along with what we think are the top 2 features included on each piece of luggage.

Delsey Helium Aero
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Travelon Wheeled Underseat
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LeSportSac 4 Wheel
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Dakine Roller Bag
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Olympia Deluxe Fashion Overnighter
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MaterialPolycarbonateFabricNylonPolyester & NylonPolyester
Height (inches)20.515.1242117
Length (inches)1015121214
Width (inches)14.58.91588.25
Weight (pounds)
HandleRecessed one-buttonStandard3-position retractableTop and sideHideaway push button
Feature #1Glossy, durable finishWater bottle pocketNumerous organization pocketsGreat mobilitySide velcro closure
Feature #2Integrated TSA approved lockCan be attached to other luggageRemovable clear PVC pouchPockets for small itemsLaptop compartment
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1- Delsey Aero

Delsey Helium Aero: The Delsey Helium Aero carry-on is a great looking piece of luggage. With its smooth polycarbonate exterior, you’ll not only look good rolling this around, but you’ll quickly notice how much lighter it makes carrying your contents feel. Not only that but the polycarbonate build provides incredible protection making it a durable bag that should last many years and trips!

The inside of the bag has quite a bit to offer especially if you are concerned about organization. Fully lined, the interior features two larger sized sections allowing you to break down your belongings into clothes and other accessories in an orderly fashion. In addition, convenient buckled straps have been included on the inside to keep your clothes secure and in place during travel.

Feature wise, the Helium Aero also included a few rather helpful items. Although it doesn’t sound like a big deal, the inclusion of both a side and top handle for carrying makes things easier when you can’t roll the luggage around. In addition for security purposes, the Helium also contains an integrated 3-dial TSA approved combination lock so that in the unfortunate event that your luggage is misplaced, it cannot be accessed by anyone. See our full breakdown of the Aero.

2- Travelon Underseat

Travelon Underseat: Add a bit of style to how you travel with Travelon’s carry-on. This latest addition to Travelon’s portfolio is a wheeled underseat carry-on that comes with a full-sized, foldaway tote. Gracefully float through your travels with this light carry-on weighing just 4.4 pounds.

The dimension of this carry-on is 15.1 x 15 inches wide with the breadth of 8.9 inches. The front of the carry-on has a compartment that’s big enough to hold an iPad or a tablet PC, as well as a zippered pocket that can be used store miscellaneous items, from a phone charger to travel souvenirs.

The interior of this carry-on offers a large main compartment that can easily hold three days worth of clothes, along with a zippered mesh expansion pocket that can be used to hold other necessities. On the inside of the front panel it has PVC mesh, zipper pocket as well as dropin pockets that can be used to hold certain item in place. The matching tote this lightweight carry-on includes can be folded and stored in the side pocket to be used when needed.

This Travelon’s underseat storage carry-on’s specific dome-shaped design provides easy access and also serves as a comfortable footrest during a flight. For over 30 years now, Travelon has been making traveling easier with functional yet fashionable products that are built to last. View our detailed list of features here.

3- LeSportSac

LeSportSac: Add a bit of quintessence to your travel with LeSportsac’s Luggage Carry On. This 22 inch, 4 wheel luggage is a casual yet trendsetting carry on. Made using only high quality nylon, the durability of this carry on is guaranteed. With a weight of just 7.8 pounds, this luggage is your ideal travel companion for longer travels.

The dimension of this carry-on is 24 x 15 inches wide and has a breadth of 12 inches. The front panel of this carry-on supports two exterior mesh-lined zipper pockets that can easily hold all miscellaneous items, such as your charger and your tablet. On top of this luggage carry on, you will find a retractable handle. Pull it out in order to move easily through the airport by pulling the luggage behind you.

The functional style of this LeSportsac is characterized by its unique design, which in turn is perfectly blended with high-performance hardware and lightweight fabric. This makes the interior of this compartment safe and sturdy. The main storage of this area is large enough to hold 5 days worth of clothes. The interior also provides not one but three mesh-lined closure pockets.

Two handles are provided for easy carrying, one is on the top if the luggage, and the other is on the side. There is an extra removable PVC pouch provided, which you can use to store few toiletries. If you wish to give your LeSportsac the run for its money, use the provided interior compression strap to press down all the items you’ve stored, this will make more space for other items. Very consistent and high performing, LeSportSac is one of the best carry-on’s for women available. View a breakdown of all features from here.

4- Dakine Roller

Dakine Roller bag: Whether the thought of travel, baggage fees, and long lines make you cringe or if dinner and drinks in another city fills you with excitement, the only way to enjoy a trip more than you already do you needs the right luggage. Dakine Women’s Carry on roller bag is one such luggage that is capable of fulfilling any and every need you may have.

With the help of the retractable handle and built-in wheels, you can easily pull your luggage along if you find yourself stuck in a long line. Its proportions are just right to allow easy carry inside any airline and with just the weight of 6.6 pounds, it stores easily in overhead compartments. On the exterior of the bag you have two compartments. The first is a small one that you can use to store your tablet, chargers, or any other gadgets you take along with you on your travels. The second compartment is three times as large as the first one, that you can use to store whatever you please.

The interior on the other hand is one big compartment (2200 cu. In.). You can use it to easily organize you travel essentials in a way that suits you most. The bag comes with a clear plastic bag you may use to store your toiletries, from lotions to shampoos. All in all, Dakine Women’s Carry on roller bag is a durable all purpose bag that is perfect for both short and long travels. Check out the full overview if interested.

5- Olympia Deluxe

Olympia Deluxe Overnighter: Travel in both, comfort and unparalleled style on either your next vacation or business trip in 2018 with the Olympia Deluxe Fashion Rolling Overnighter. With this luggage, you won’t have the need to carry multiple bags to store your stuff on short trips, as well as longer ones.

The bag features recessed metal ball bearing wheels that allows you to smoothly move your luggage around with ease. The retractable handle it comes with enables you to do so. The proportion this bag comes in, is the right size for all airline hand carry guidelines, and with the weight of just 5.5 pounds you will be able to store the bag in overhead compartments with ease. It’s so easy in fact, that you’ll never want to use any previous bag you have owned.

If you like to keep all your stuff neatly organized and if that is what you really look for in a bag, then look no further. With Olympia Deluxe Fashion Rolling Overnighter you have multiple storage pockets and compartments that enable you to do just that. The exterior of the bag offers three pockets, two are medium-sized side pockets, and you have one large pocket on the front facing side of the bag.

The interior, on the other hand, offers a spacious main compartment that can easily store up to four days of clothing. In addition to this, the bag offers a much need laptop compartment for this day and age – it is heavily padded for complete protection of your electronics. Lastly, the unique design of this bag is guaranteed to offer you complete satisfaction. Come see our full breakdown of this piece.

Women’s Carry-on buyer’s guide

The best thing about traveling is the change, in terms of the climate, the environment, and the people, Of course, there’s also the relaxing, letting your hair down, and partying. But, this only applies if you are going on a vacation. A business trip, on the other hand, won’t even give you enough time to notice your surroundings, let alone giving you a chance to party. As a result, you always have so much to look forward to on vacation trip. However, traveling is only fun if you have all the ingredients right.

This means choosing the right place, the right hotel which places you close to the best tourist’s spots in the area, packing the right amount of stuff while bearing in mind the baggage restrictions and of course choosing the right luggage.

Luggage is an important part of traveling as it can serve to facilitate your movement or turn it in to a living hell for you, which is why you need to choose wisely. Now the popular way to go about it is to choose a stylish or a “pretty” bag rather than going for what you need. The pretty part is important, but you should differentiate style from need because nowadays you have choices between different kinds of luggage which are both stylish and designed to meet the needs of women. All you have to do now is choose the right luggage at the right time and the following details will help you in doing so.

The first decision that you need to make is to decide between a backpack and a suitcase. This question is best answered by considering your travel destination, the place where you intend to stay, and the level of activity that you will be involved in.

The Great Debate

Your suitcase gives you a more professional look which is important especially if you intend to stay at a nice hotel. In addition, the wheels attached to your suitcase means that you won’t have to suffer from any backaches. However, if your trip involves traveling frequently from one city to another then a suitcase might become a burden.

In contrast, a backpack will seem like a blessing if your place of stay requires you to climb a lot of stairs. But, a backpack does have less space and cramping it with stuff would mean more weight on your back.

To have Wheels or not to have Wheels

The option of wheels on a suitcase helps you pull it around easily, however these wheels can break. However, deciding against wheels won’t have you worrying about the wheels breaking but it increases the chances of injury resulting from carrying a bag.

Choosing between Soft Shell case and a hard case

This is again a tough choice which you can simplify by looking at the pros and cons of each. For instance, hard case will serve you well by protecting the contents of your suitcase. Also, some of these hard cases are made of light material which helps you cut back on your baggage weight. The only disadvantages of these cases are that they cannot be stuffed and poor quality ones tend to crack or break easily.

Soft cases have the obvious advantage of withstanding rough handling by the luggage handler plus their ability to contract or expand allows for them to be stuffed easily. The disadvantage of soft cases, however, is that they are more vulnerable to wear and tear.

Overall, when looking for a top of the links woman’s carry on one of the most important things is to understand the requirements of the place they are visiting and where they intend to stay. This will help them greatly in choosing the right luggage.