Delsey Helium Shadow

This page is dedicated to our Delsey Helium Shadow carry-on review. The Helium Shadow is a lightweight bag that suits all of your needs for a two or three day trip. For the amount of money you’ll pay for this piece of luggage you are getting a great combination of storage capacity, appearance, and quality. Because it is made using polycarbonate material, it is essentially scratch resistant and very durable despite its light weight. The best feature of this luggage is the relative ease of use, which complements its great design. Unlike other bags, the Desley Helium Shadow also fits into the overhead compartments of most planes which too many provides a great convenience.

Delsey Helium Shadow review

In the event that you need even more storage, additional expansion allowance secured by zippers has been applied to the Helium Shadow. As mentioned earlier, the polycarbonate material not only makes the luggage more durable, but also makes it easier to lift and move around. In addition, four 360 degree rotational wheels have been included to allow for multi-directional rolling and ease of changing direction.



Overview and Features

The following section looks at the different areas of the Helium Shadow.


The Desley Helium Shadow carry-on incorporates four 360-degree rotating wheels. This provides it with a high level of mobility as you won’t have to worry about sharp turns when getting around people in the airport. The wheels are fastened securely as well allowing you to transport quite a bit of weight.


The handle itself boasts a good amount of security as well with an arm-integrated 3-dial TSA combination lock recess mechanism. With a one-button lock system handle made of industrial grade aluminum tubes and a molded ergonomic comfort grip, and a side carrying handle tag, the security of your belongings is the last thing you’ll have to worry about! Like the exterior of the luggage, the handle is also made of 100% Polycarbonate material.


The interior of the Shadow is completely lined to allow for all types of clothing and travel accessories. Packing has been made easier with an efficient interior design aimed at providing more versatility. To better hold all of your accessories, it contains large zippered pockets that hold the bag and contents firmly in place. The bag, despite being readily expandable, has been designed to allow for more packing space whenever the need arises. Its packing compartment has a lid that has a buttoned mesh divider to provide extra space.

In order to ensure that clothes are firmly held in place after packing, it comes with adjustable web straps. These web straps can provide a couple of different functions. First if you only have a few clothes, the straps can be used to hold them firmly in place. In case you’re packing a lot of clothes then the web straps can be used to fasten and hold the contents during travelling (since the bag can be expanded). The web straps also have a speed buckle to ensure that at best, the clothes are safely held up at all times even under the roughest of travel conditions.


The Desley Helium Shadow carry-on luggage is best suited for packing clothes to be used over short periods of time, mainly 2-3 days, or at most a week. The most impressive aspect of this bag is that in spite of its lightweight, it is very durable and can be used for several years, or hundreds of trips. Its alternative storage compartments, as well as its expandable capability, allow for packing much more clothes than its stipulated actual size. This is a great piece of luggage to add to your collection if you frequently take short trips.