High Sierra Evolution

The makers of High Sierra Evolution carry-on have made this the ideal bag for travels – be it for school, holiday, weekend trips, or even business. When people look for good luggage, for the most part they are looking for a quality design that has quite a bit of room, and is easy to carry. For a business person, another important feature is the image the luggage portrays. Our review of the High Sierra Evolution carry-on shows that you can find all of these features at a nice low price.

The secret behind the success of the High Sierra Evolution 22-Inch Carry-on Upright Suitcase is actually no secret. High Sierra has simply taken all of the feature regular travellers want and has made them better in the Evolution carry-on. The makers boast the use of technologically advanced materials during the construction phase of the Evolution to ensure that it provides security, neatness, and style for every individual traveller. Using this carry-on with you for your trip will be an experience to remember.

Overview and Main Features

High Sierra Evolution review

This section of our review is dedicated to the different features that are included in the Evolution carry-on. We provide an overview of the major components like the interior, exterior, handle and wheel systems.


High Sierra is a company that has provided quality gear for outdoor enthusiasts for many years. They have taken this same approach in the creation of the Evolution bad. Simply put, one of the first things you will notice is its sturdiness and how lights it feels. To start with, the overall look of the bag matters and the High Sierra Evolution is made of nylon. This is not just any nylon material however. It is made of ripstop technology that allows it to be water resistant. This ripstop nylon fabric is combined with duralite to enhance is strength, and sturdiness.


The bag has several storage compartments on the top cover, the side and interior so you can pack your items in a wide variety of different ways. Inside is also fitted with a mesh pocket and compression straps to hold items in place securely. The outer part of the bag is fitted with ergonomic zippers that are easy to pull and lock the compartments in place. High Sierra Evolution comes with a hide-away luggage tag in which place personal information can be placed in the event it becomes lost.


Like any good piece of luggage, the High Sierra Evolution comes equipped with a great set of wheels to carry quite a bit of weight. The bag has corner-mounted inset sport wheels, which provides outstanding stability as you pull the bag along on various terrains. The wheels, which have an inline skate look, also have corner mounted housings that keep the wheels secure and protected from dirt jumping off the wheels to the bag.


Speaking of dragging along the carry-on, the handle on the High Sierra Evolution provides enough strength to support the luggage despite being made of lightweight material. The handle feature a telescopic locking mechanism that is recessed to almost appear like it is not fitted into the bag. The aluminum handles have a push button to lower and raise the bag and lock it at the desired length. This bag also has a foot handle that helps the bag stand straight on the ground and for lifting it off the carousel.


The High Sierra Evolution is a perfect piece of luggage if you are looking at taking a trip lasting more than a few days. You’ll enjoy all of the different areas that you can place items into and its ease of use. With it being made with high quality nylon, you can also rest assured that you’ll be able to brave any sort of climate and have your luggage last. We feel this carry-on is worth a look.