How To Pack Efficiently In 6 Simple Steps

If you travel a lot you know its very important to have certain items in your carry on luggage. I am not talking about a good book and your favorite lipstick, I am talking about packing the right things in case your other luggage ends up lost. Most people don’t think of this but it is very important. If the airline lost your luggage would you be able to survive a few days? After you read this article you will.

Step #1 – Make Sure You Have The Right Size Luggage
Your carry on luggage has to fit certain size requirements to travel on the plane with you. The key is to find one that fits the size requirements but also able to easily handle all the things you need to pack. If you travel a lot go with a soft sided bag. They are the best and can also act as a pillow if you find yourself stranded.

Step #2 – Pack A Change Of Underwear & Extra Clothes
Traveling can be extremely unpredictable. You therefore need to always be prepared for the unexpected. Always take two changes of underwear and a set of clothes to change into. This way if you end up stranded at an airport you will be able to freshen up.

Step #3 – Make Sure You Have Your Toiletries In A Zip Lock Bag
You need to have your toothbrush, a small tube of toothpaste, solution for your contact lenses, the case for your contact lenses, any facial care products you use, shampoo and lotion. All of these items should be placed in a large zip lock storage bag. This way your clothing won’t get messed up if they should spill.

Step #4 – Pack A Large Bottle Of Water & Some Snacks
It is just always a smart idea to have some water and snacks with you at all times. This is especially true if you get delayed or end up stranded somewhere. Grab another large zip lock storage bag and put in some crackers, peanuts, chocolate or any other small snacks you want with you while you travel. Make sure you have some wet wipes so you can wash your hands before and after you eat.

Step #5 – Pack Your Medications
You should have your medications packed in a location that is very easy for you to get to. This is for two reasons. Number one so if you need to take it you don’t have to dig through a ton of other stuff and two so it will be easier for security to check it. Some bags, like the ones shown in our Samsonite Dkx review include special compartments for medications and toiletries.

Step #6 – Pack Something To Keep You Warm
You should always have a sweater, small jacket or compact blanket in your carry on luggage. The weather can change at the drop of a dime. So make sure you are prepared if the temperatures suddenly drop.

And there you have it. 6 simple steps to effectively packing your carry on luggage. Follow these steps and you will have everything you need.