Samsonite Aspire Sport Review

The Samsonite Aspire Sport carry-on is a perfect bag for the travelers who like to travel light, pack only essentials and hit the road for a day or two. People who typically use this luggage do not need those big and cumbersome bags as they will be more of a nuisance and take up more space than needed. The Aspire Sport has a unique interior that makes packing even easier. This page is dedicated to our review of this highly rated piece of luggage and takes a look at the main components like the interior, exterior, handle, and wheel system.

The Samsonite Aspire Sport addresses three key concerns faced by many travelers which include quality, capacity, and allowable carry on limits. Its ability to hold a substantial amount of luggage is rather impressive based on its overall size, and meets all regulatory standards.

Main Features

Samsonite Aspire Sport review

This section of our review provides a look at all of the top features included in the Aspire Sport. We dig deep and look at the exterior and the interior of the bag to help you decide if it fits your needs. One of the first things you’ll notice is that this carry-on bag is very sturdy and robust. Its ability to carry a significant amount of luggage without causing mobility issues is just one of its main strengths.


The Samsonite Aspire Sport Spinner 21 inch Expandable Bag is made with a slick, stylish design covered in polyester. This makes this bag resistant to dirt and easy to clean. More specifically, the material that covers this carry-on is the technologically advanced 1680d Polyester, which allows it to be fire resistant and waterproof at the same time. This bag also features textured corner protectors to help eliminate any potential ripping. You’ll also feel more comfortable when moving this piece of luggage around as it has added padded side and top handles for a better grip.


Let’s face it. Dragging your bag from flight to flight, or through the airport can be annoying especially when you have quite a bit of luggage. The Aspire Sport features 4 multi-directional spinner wheels, which allow for a full 360 degree rotation making the process much easier and more apt to handle heavier loads.


One of the greatest features included with this bag is the amount of stuff you can fit. The depth of the Aspire Sport’s interior is big enough to fit all of your important items. The interior features self-mending zippers, which fix themselves after you unzip a jammed part by moving the zipper back and forth over the affected area. If you’ve ever had a stuck zipper before, you’ll know how frustrating this truly is. In some cases, a busted zipper means the end to your bag as well which makes the Aspire Sport even more attractive to the seasoned traveler.


With high quality luggage being few and far between, the Samsonite Aspire Sport Spinner 21 inch Expandable Bag is as good as they come. With a great combination of packing capacity, sturdiness, and advanced features, this one is a true winner. Many people have really enjoyed how the interior storage compartments are arranged as they find it easy to pack items in an orderly fashion, which in turn helps create more room to fit everything you’ll need. All in all, we feel this is one carry-on worth buying.