Samsonite Dkx Review

Welcome to our review dedicated to the business savvy Samsonite Dkx carry-on luggage. Business trips should not take a long time to pack for. After all, you only need a bag to fit your essentials, something that is easy to carry, and is light in weight. That is where the Samsonite Dkx carry-on comes in. You can quickly get to where you need to go and not worry about being late for that connecting flight. The simple design, manageable size, and lightweight qualities are the things most people rave about that have used this luggage.

The Samsonite Dkx is also a great piece of luggage for those who love taking weekend or trips on a whim. With the Dkx carry-on, you can quickly pack a few clothes, shoes, books, and your laptop into the bag and head out the door. This is a perfect piece of luggage to see you through your short trips.

Main Features of the Samsonite Dkx

Samsonite Dkx 2.0 review

In this section, we look at the main features used in the construction phase for this highly reviewed piece of luggage. We zero in on what the bag is made of, the design of the interior, and how well it moves around.


Many bags are made using quality material but few bags are made using a combination of strengths from different material. The Samsonite Dkx however is made up of 15% nylon and 18% polyester to give you a carry-on that is dirt-repellant, water-resistant, fire-retardant, strong, and durable. This construction virtually ensures that your bag will be safe from any sort of wild elements that you may encounter on your journey. There are also several compartments on the outside to allow you to store even more items like toiletries, or other accessories.


To keep all of your belongings well packed, the Dkx features coil zippers which helps you avoid the issue of having jammed zippers. These zippers are “self-mending” allowing for an easy closure of all packing compartments. One of the first things you’ll think to yourself upon opening this luggage is that it will be insufficient in holding all of your items. However, you’d be wrong especially when it comes to trips that are shorter in length. The interior is also well lined for increased durability and includes extra pockets and compression straps to ensure that all your items stay secured at all times.


Another aspect of travel the Samsonite Dkx covers is the issue of stability. If you’ve ever used a “cheaply” made piece of luggage, you probably remember having it topple over as you were pulling it through the airport. Hence, the makers of this bag have installed multi-direction wheels for increased mobility. The great thing about this carry-on is that the way it was designed in perfect for wheel support. You will no longer have to worry about having to carry your luggage around when the wheels stop doing their job!


Although compact when you first look at it, the Samsonite Dkx that we have reviewed contains many interior compartments to allow you to store all you’ll ever need for your next quick vacation. We found that the Dkx carry-on was a combination of many great features into a nice and light package. Perhaps the most important feature however is that it is dirt-repellent and water resistant allowing it to last many years and many trips. With a strong brand name like Samsonite backing this product, you know that you have a true winner.