Samsonite Lift review

The Samsonite Lift carry-on provides incredible convenience when it comes to packing clothes and accessories. In comparison to other similar 21-inch luggage bags, it has a deeper packing compartment so that it will generally hold more clothes and accessories than its competitors. Even with this extra storage capacity, the Samsonite Lift remains one of the lightest in the 21-inch carry-on luggage category, but with more toughness and durability. As we’ll mention later in our review, the Lift has been designed to survive the elements such as snow and rain that you may encounter depending on where you are travelling.

Summary of Main Features

Samsonite Lift review

Want to quickly see what this carry-on has to offer? Below are the top features which we look at in more depth in the section that follows.

  • Fully lined interior
  • Integrated top and side handles
  • Front panel pocket to store last minute items
  • Very light
  • Four multi-directional wheels

Detailed Samsonite Lift Features

This section of our review will focus on the top features that are included in the Samsonite Lift. We look at how this piece of luggage was built, the extra features included in the interior and the wheel system.

How does the outside look?

The Samsonite Lift is made of filament polyester fabric enforced with air expanded polyethylene, which makes it ultra-light. This ensures that you won’t be burdened with any unnecessary weight when moving your luggage from home to the airport, or from terminal to terminal. Its efficient design ensures that it can easily fit into the overhead of most planes that you may find yourself on. One of the worst issues of packing is when you finish only realizing that you forgot to pack a few crucial items. The nice thing about the Lift is there is no need to open it up again as it has a front pocket deep enough for these items.

What’s inside?

Using this carry-on will make your packing task easier as it is one of the more spacious bags we have come across in this category. The interior is lined completely in accordance to customer expectations and includes numerous spacious compartments and pockets to fit any item you may need. Because traversable needs are quite diverse, there are a lot of pockets within the bag to ensure that all your stuff fits in somewhere effectively. In the event that there are last minute items you need to pack (we’ve all been there), it also has a front panel pocket specially designed for easily access.

Wheel System

The spinner wheels attached to the Samsonite Lift are designed in such a way to allow for the upright rolling of the Samsonite Lift luggage bag. This is important as it ensures that there is no unnecessary weight exerted on your arm when you are moving the luggage around. The wheels are also 360 degree rotation based to allow for multi-directional movement with ease. If you do however find yourself needing to carry your bag, the Lift comes with integrated top and side handles, which allow for more ease and convenience.


We hope you have enjoyed our review of the Samsonite Lift carry-on luggage, which we feel is a great piece of luggage to add to your collection. With its spacious capability and many pockets, it’s easy to sort and store your clothes and accessories in an effective manner. Its toughness is guaranteed to last bad weather ensuring that you’ll be able to use it for a long time and for many different travel experiences.