Samsonite Liftwo Spinner

Samsonite has rapidly grown in terms of popularity over the years, as the industry leader among quality luggage manufacturers in the USA. As the winner of Traveler’s Choice Awards in 2012, Samsonite is known globally for luggage, travel bags, and accessories of superior quality. Samsonite was founded in the city of Denver, Colorado, in 1910, by a man named Jesse Shwayder.

The company’s reputation is a product of their innovative approach to manufacturing luggage. They combine contemporary style with latest designs techniques and technology to add to the desirability and durability of their products.

Product Description

Vacations are a time to let go of your everyday stress, and embrace a few careless days of fun. Whether you do something for work or for fun, it demands foresight and planning. The same is the case for business trips and for recreational ones; you need to plan your travels. Apart from booking your flight, a hotel room, and a tour guide, there is something else that you need, to ensure that your trip is hassle free.

Samsonite Liftwo

A reliable travel companion, and no, I’m not talking about your significant other; rather, I mean the luggage you decide to carry with you on the trip. In this review, we are going to discuss one such luggage that will end all your travel woes with regard to the comfort level of your excursions.

Samsonite Liftwo Spinner 21 Luggage is a bag that offers many features for a bag of its class. Essentially a sturdy carryon, it is made using only the highest quality industrial grade materials with superior durability for maximum protection of your travel essentials for a long time to come. Apart from its tough exterior, the bag is made of 100% nylon with self mending coil zippers for flawless closure.


For unparalleled mobility, the bag sports multidirectional spinner wheels coupled with a telescopic, retractable pull handle made of ultra lightweight beveled alloy. For protection of your luggage against normal wear and tear, the bag comes fitted with rubberized corner protectors. The zipper pullers can interlock and are unbreakable.


Where storage space is concerned, the front facing panel of the bag offers two pockets you can use to store small travel essentials, perhaps your tablet or other gadgets. On the inside, you have a massive storage compartment for all your other stuff. In addition to that, you have a compression strap that you can use to press down your clothing to create more space for other items, especially for souvenirs on the return trip. In conclusion, the Samsonite Liftwo Spinner 21 Luggage is a well rounded choice. It offers complete comfort, mobility, abundance of space, and unparalleled protection.

Product Pricing

Initially priced at $320.00, this Samsonite Liftwo Spinner 21 Luggage is now available for as low as $116.08 on Amazon, representing over 60% in savings!


All of Samsonite’s Travel Equipment is tested for their performance, at their maximum capacity. The stringent quality control process of Samsonite ensures flawless products. Before even a single product goes on sale, it goes through rigorous testing of durability, strength, as well as dependability. It’s why we believe it is one of the top choices for men’s luggage.

Consequently, if a manufacturing defect does arise with any of Samsonite’s products, rest assured that the limited lifetime warranty covers this sort of damage, and your claim will be repaired in accordance with the terms and conditions of that specific product. Note that the warranty of Samsonite covers manufacturing defects only and not the ones caused by misuse or mishandling of the product.

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