Travel Pro Crew 10

The latest of the Crew collection, Travel Pro Crew 10, is a luggage bag that took a giant step in terms of innovation, durability, and weight as well as item mobility. This page is dedicated to our review of the carry-on version of this series, and hopes to convince you that it is worth all the hype. The Crew 10 has been associated heavily with frequent travellers and flight crews due to its great functional capabilities that have been able to meet the high standards of those travelling.

The bag is an expandable roll-aboard that features a powerscope extension handle to reduce the wobble when completely extended. The handle also stops at 38” and 42.5” to ensure that travellers of different heights enjoy a comfortable roll. It is also able to support a tote or a case with the power-scope having been tested in more than 15,000 cycles to date. The design has been able to incorporate materials that have worked out to provide a lightweight luggage bag that is easily portable irrespective of the terrain you may encounter.

Quick Feature List

Travel Pro Crew 10 review

Below we look at some of the main benefits you’ll find included on the Travel Pro Crew 10 carry-on.

  • Has a Deluxe Suiter System, which consists of a padded foam bar to ensure your clothes remain wrinkle-free
  • Spacious main compartments expandable up to 2 1/2 inches whenever more packing space is required
  • Has a limited lifetime warranty
  • Uses a polypropylene honeycomb framing system which is durable and light in weight
  • Size: 22-inch height by 14-inch length by 9-inch width

Detailed features

This section of our Travel Pro Crew 10 carry-on review is dedicated to a more comprehensive look at the main components of the bag. We take a peak its storage capability, how it was built and other benefits you may need.

Interior storage capacity

The main packing compartments used in the Travel Pro Crew 10 are roomy and allow tons of space for packing clothes and other accessories. The compartments can be expanded as well to give you more capability to pack additional things without going for a larger bag. The interior also includes a Deluxe Suiter System, which consists of a padded form bar that can be used to keep clothes wrinkle-free while travelling. If this is not a concern of yours, you can easily remove it to give you additional space.

Exterior options

The handle system used on this carry-on is one of the many innovative new features included. As described in the introduction, the Crew 10 uses a “power scope” handle which provides additional comfort in that it can adjust to fit the heights of any individual. The power scope is one of many interesting innovation this carry-on has and gives users a rare attribute to enjoy. It is designed in such a way that whatever the height of the user, comfort and ease of use is always maintained. With the weight being greatly reduced, this luggage is highly manoeuvrable as the weight emphasis is now on the weight of your packed content and not the weight of the luggage itself.

Final Thoughts on the Crew 10

Whenever emerging technology is expressed in luggage, there is bound to be a great deal of benefit. The Travel Pro Crew 10 is an example of that as it blends advanced technology, with usability to place it at the forefront of similar items in the industry. If you are a frequent traveler, this carry-on is designed with you specifically in mind. A lot has been said throughout this review in terms of its quality, but to summarize, I would say that this is the best bet when it comes to the best value for your money. After all, in the end that is what we are all looking for!