Travel Select Amsterdam Business

Travel Select Amsterdam

Travel Select is a brand of Traveler’s Choice; which is a company that takes great pride in being the manufacturer as well as the distributor of quality travels luggage and accessories. It supplies to both retailers and wholesalers. Every luggage that’s designed, considers the needs of travelers of this day and age. At Travel Select, the designs are modern yet unique and are perfectly meshed together with unparalleled functionality to achieve this exemplary record. This brand of Traveler’s Choice manufactures a range of products from ballistic soft nylon cases & polyester, to hard cases in polycarbonate & ABS.

Product Description

Travelers that solely travel for business trips need a bag that caters to this specific lifestyle. Frequent businesses travelers are usually looking for a reliable travel companion that keeps them ready for any and all occasions. With the Travel Select Luggage Amsterdam Business Rolling Garment Bag, pack all the essential items you may need to look presentable for any event.


The dimension of this rolling garment bag is 22 inch long and 24 inch wide, which is just the right size that’s allowed on all airlines. The material this bag is made from is 40% 2-tone polyester and 60% polyester, which makes this garment bag a durable one. The attached hardware on the other hand, is industrial grade material that allows the bag to withstand significant wear and tear that comes with the lifestyle of a frequent traveler.

This bag offers two ways to carry this luggage; first, you can use the provided shoulder straps; or you can use the retractable, telescopic handle to pull the bag around the airport on its wheel. On the exterior of this bag, there are two pockets provided on the front facing side, and you can use these to store your tablet, chargers or any other gadgets.


The way in which the inside of this bag is compartmentalized, is what makes it popular. This business rolling garment bag has a spacious compartment, which can be opened all the way so you can easily and neatly store your suits, hook them in the loop provided, and put the strap around them in order to hold them in place and reduce the chances of wrinkles. Other than that, you will have abundant room to pack for a week long business trip, and with the addition of zippered mesh pockets on the inside, you have enough room to store your tie, cufflinks, perfumes, and more!

Product Pricing

If you are looking to avoid breaking the bank for business travel but still need a carry-on to keep your suits nice and today then the Travel Select Amsterdam might fit the bill. Available for around $50, the Amsterdam offers quality and style at an affordable price.


Each product of Travel Select comes with a limited manufacturer’s warranty. The time frame of this warranty varies from one to ten years, depending from product to product. If a problem arises from either defective workmanship or materials, the warranty can is claimable in the specified time. The warranty does not cover mishandling of products, either by the airline staff or the consumers. In case a claim is required to be made, it can be done online from their website.