Traveler’s Choice Hybrid Garment Carryon

Travelers Choice

Traveler’s Choice is a company that prides itself on being the manufacturer and distributor of travels goods of the finest quality. It caters to both; retailers and wholesalers. Every luggage they design, considers the needs of modern day travelers. The unique and modern designs, perfectly meshed with functionality, are what led Traveler’s Choice to achieve the exemplary record they hold in the industry. The products that Traveler’s Choice manufactures range from soft ballistic nylon cases & polyester, to polycarbonate hard cases & ABS.

Product Description

If you despise flashy luggage and prefer a more classy minimalistic design that provides maximum functionality, Traveler’s Choice 22-Inch, Hybrid Rolling Carry-on and Garment Bag is the one for you. The number of features this bag boasts; essentially make it an all in one bag; it can be used as both, a garment bag and a rolling carry on.

Hybrid is the term that is used to define all the qualities of this bag. This is because the proportions of this bag are the same as any 22 inch carry on, but there are many features that are squeezed into this size perfectly. In addition to all this, you can expand the bag to about one third of the existing space. This bag is perfect for travels where you purchase more souvenirs than you have planned for.


The storage space this rolling carry-on provides, as well as the sheer number of compartments and pockets it offers, will surprise you. This aspect, along with many others, ranks this bag above every other luggage in its class. The front of the bag has one medium-sized pocket and one large-pocket one, which can be used to organize your travel essentials.

The interior of this luggage, on the other hand, is where the best part is. It provides not just one, but two separate, spacious compartments; giving you abundant space to store your luggage. In addition to this, the expandable feature of this bag is a zipper between these two compartments; open this zipper all the way to expand your bag. This expansion creates room in both the compartments. You also have two detachable pouches and a garment hook and sleeve that come with the luggage.


Apart from numerous compartments and features of this bag, what really makes it a winner is that it’s made of 50% nylon and 50% polycarbonate; the perfect combination of material to make a durable bag, as the polycarbonate allows the shell to absorb any impact that your luggage may experience during your business travels, keeping your laptop, tablet, or other electronics safe.


Each product of Traveler’s Choice comes with a limited manufacturer’s warranty. The duration of this warranty ranges from one to ten years, which varies from one product to another. Should a problem arise, be it from defective workmanship or materials, the warranty can be claimed in the specified time duration. Note that mishandled products, either by the consumer or the airline, are not covered. And the claiming procedure can only be performed online.

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