Wheels or No Wheels – That Is The Question

I must say, in my opinion wheeled carry on luggage was one of the greatest inventions of all times. If you travel a lot I think you will agree. As you very well may know, toting your luggage around can be quite stressful. Especially if you over packed and it weighs a ton. Thanks to carry on luggage with wheels you no longer have to worry about this. Instead of carrying your luggage you can just roll it with you every where you go. A perfect example of luggage that offers multi-directional wheels can be found in our Samsonite Lift review.

The biggest benefit to using carry on luggage with wheels is of course ease. This type of luggage makes your travels a lot less stressful. The idea behind carry on luggage is to try and reduce that amount of luggage you take on your trip. If you use carry on luggage you won’t have to wait for your luggage once the plane has landed. You also don’t have to worry about your luggage being lost. Its a win win situation for all involved.

It doesn’t matter what type of traveler you are, using carry on luggage with wheels can prove to be very beneficial. Especially if you are a business traveler. When you are traveling on business you need quick and easy access to business tools such as your laptop or other mobile device. It is best to store them somewhere as you don’t want to have to carry them around. Your carry on luggage is the perfect place. When you need your laptop or iPad you can just reach in your bad and pull it out. Once you are done you can put it back and keep going. Quick and easy!

Another reason carry on luggage is great for business travelers is because business trips are usually only a couple of days. There is no need to pack and big suitcase for one of these trips. Just throw two or three pairs of pants in the carry on and you are good to go.

The great thing is its not just carry on luggage that has wheels. These days you will find just about all the new luggage being made with wheels. So even if you have to check your luggage, you will still be able to wheel it around. This is great for those family vacations we all love to take. Even the children can help by pulling their own wheeled luggage.

Just remember your carry on luggage should only have the essentials. That includes your toiletries, a change of clothes and even a few snacks. Be sure to read up on the restrictions and limitations on what can be carrying in your carry on luggage. The guidelines change every so often so check right before you go. You should also look for tips on how to pack. When you are packing carry on luggage you have to pack smart. Don’t overdo it. Do you really need 5 pairs of pants for a two day trip? Probably not. Focus on packing on what you need.